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Brave Community, From Ethnography to Pedagogy to Post Racism

  • Janine de NovaisEmail author
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This entry overviews Brave Community, a pedagogical approach for teachers who teach about race to develop classroom cultures that support students to become more intellectually courageous and interpersonally empathetic in their learning. It describes how Brave Community emerged from an ethnographic study and has since been developed as a pedagogical approach that is applicable across learning contexts. The idea that education has a role to play in the end of racism is not new. But Brave Community is offered here as an educational innovation because it can be introduced to teachers through a low-cost, short-term workshop and be developed by them for their specific learning goals and environments.

Sparking Students’ Post-racist Imaginations

Bryan Stevenson, the lawyer and public intellectual who directs the Equal Justice Initiative, often argues for the need to create a collective memory of the atrocities produced by racism in the United States. In a recent interview, he...

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