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Gīta Govinda

  • Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi
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The Gita Govinda, also known as Love Song of the Dark Lord in English, is written by Jayadeva. On the surface level, this twelfth-century text looks like a regular love songs sung by a lover (Krishna) for his beloved (Radha), but an in depth reading will tell us that it comprises profound allegories of travel of the soul back to God [3]. This mystic text falls under the bhakti tradition, and it deals with the connection of human with the divine love, separation and union, self-surrender, holy inebriation, and many other contrapuntal themes, concerning the unknown alchemy of the soul. Actually, Gita Govinda presents a spiritual quest; this quest refers to a process of metamorphosis of the lover (also writer/reader who experiences it), from the human and materialistic modes of existence to the divine and spiritual modes [2]. So there is union, separation, and reunion till the human being reaches the ultimate spiritual destination: from love and suffering to the...

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