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Bhandarkar, R.G.

  • Sanghavi Hemali
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An Indian Scholar and Social Reformer

Sir Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar, popularly known as R.G. Bhandarkar (1837–1925), was an Indian scholar, orientalist, and eminent social reformer. He was one of the first graduates of Bombay University in 1862 [1]. His contribution to the different branches of oriental learning has been remarkable. He was Saṃskṛt (see) scholar and the pioneer of Indological research in India. He was a pioneer in applying Western methods to the study of Saṃskṛt and allied languages. He was born in Malvan in Maharashtra on 6 July 1837. He completed his schooling at Ratnagiri. He continued his studies at Elphinstone Institute in Mumbai. He received B.A. in first division in 1862. He completed his postgraduation with English and Saṃskṛt in 1863. He received Ph.D. from University of Göttingen in 1885. He had a brilliant academic career and won several scholarships and awards for success in the various examinations. Primarily a student of Mathematics, Bhandarkar switched...

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