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Śākta Āgamas

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Śākta Āgamas are the scriptures which look upon the supreme divine being as the Mother of the universe and include its theoretical structure and a practical manual of divine worship of the Śākta religion.


The Āgamas consist of treatises concerning a particular religion or one of its sect and practical manuals of divine worship prescribed for that religion or sect ([1], p. 13). There are some treatises called Tantras, Mantras, and Yantras, which explain the external worship of the divine being, symbolized by idols, images, etc., and these treatises form a part of the Āgamas. All the Āgamas deal with Jñāna (knowledge), Yoga (meditation or concentration), Kriyā (action or esoteric ritual), and Caryā(conduct or exoteric worship) as well as discussing in details about ontology, cosmology, liberation, devotion, meditation, philosophy of Mantras, mystic diagrams, temple-building, image-making, domestic observances, social rules, public...

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