Buddhism and Jainism

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| Editors: K. T. S. Sarao, Jeffery D. Long

Ṇamōkarā Mantra

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An ancient Prākrit homage to the five types of illumined personages worthy of reverence in the Jain worldview.

Daily Practice

The fivefold salutation (pañca namaskāra) of the Ṇamōkarā mantra is the most recited in Jain devotional practices. It honors the five revered personalities (parameṣṭins) in the Jain mokṣa-mārga:
  • Ṇamo arahaṃtāṇaṃ – I honor the Arhats (those illumined Jinas or Tīrthaṇkaras).

  • Ṇamo siddhāṇaṃ – I honor the siddhas (those who have achieved mokṣa).

  • Ṇamo āyariyāṇaṃ – I honor the Ācāryas (the Jain spiritual leaders).

  • Ṇamo uvajjhāyāṇaṃ – I honor the Upādhyāyas (the Jain spiritual teachers).

  • Ṇamo loe savva-sāhūṇaṃ – I honor the monks and nuns of the world.

To these five lines, the Mūrtipūjaka Śvetāmbara Jains add ([6], p. 115):
  • Eso pañca ṇamokkāro savva-pāvappaṇāsaṇo

  • maṃgalāṇaṃ ca savvesiṃ paḍhamaṃ havai maṃgalam

This fivefold salutation destroys bad karma and obstacles. And...

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