Higher Education Systems and Institutions, Cambodia

  • Leang Un
  • Say Sok
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Higher Education System Development

Cambodia is a poor but emerging economy, and its attempt to build a postindependence modern state was short-lived and bumpy. After 1953, the country enjoyed relative peace, stability, and progress for 17 years, before plummeting into protracted wars, a genocide, and foreign occupation and embargo between 1970 and 1991. Since 1993 it began to rebuild itself after immense destruction, with injection of huge foreign aid followed by the first postwar general elections, and has now become a capitalist “quasi-democracy,” with significant, yet questionable, economic development and social progress.

The turbulent history has a severe repercussion for its higher education (HE) development. Before 1953, few higher education institutions (HEIs) existed; hence, afterward the country started to erect HE virtually from scratch, with a peak of eight HEIs in the 1960s before plunging into wars and genocide. The Democratic Kampuchea (1975–1979) has the most...

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