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Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions

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Gender and Higher Education

  • Barbara ReadAffiliated withSchool of Education, University of Glasgow Email author 


Sex; University


Issues relating to constructions of gender at university-level institutions.

Research relating to gender in higher education has a wide range of foci, ranging from issues of student participation and achievement, curriculum and pedagogy, and the recruitment/promotion of academic staff to engagements with the ‘genderedness’ of academic culture/institutional life, constructions of the ‘ideal’ or typical student or academic, and the ways in which such constructions connect to wider social patterns of gendered inequality. Most research in this area is explicitly feminist in approach, and the development of the field has reflected major developments/debates in feminist social research more broadly, including the critiques of ‘second wave’ feminism by women of color, a stress on intersectionality, and the influence of the ‘postmodern turn,’ queer theory, and humanist/material approaches.

Key overarching debates in the field include the gendered impacts of globa ...

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