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Social and Public Responsibility, Universities


Social dimension of higher education; Third mission; University social responsibility


The notion of the university public and social responsibility (UP/SR) is generally presented, on the one hand, as inherent to the reflection on the roles of higher education institutions (HEIs) (Derrida 1992), or, on the other hand, as a recent trend, either influenced by the developments surrounding corporate social responsibility (Larrán Jorge et al. 2011), or as corresponding to the implications of the social dimension of higher education that were voiced by the London Communiqué in 2007 during the so-called Bologna process ( The definition is, therefore, dependent on the positioning of the concept in a continuum that ranges from a conservative-managerialist to a transformative-critical pole. The former views UP/SR mainly from the perspective of organizational governance and institutional reputation (e.g., Jongbloed et al. 2008...

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