Magnon Spintronics

  • Alexy D. Karenowska
  • A. V. Chumak
  • A. A. Serga
  • Burkard Hillebrands
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Presented here is an introduction to magnon spintronics, the emerging field of research concerned with structures and devices which involve the interconversion between electronic spin currents (spin currents carried by electrons) and magnon currents (spin angular momentum fluxes which do not involve the motion of charged carriers). Aimed at the nonexpert reader, the text reviews fundamental and applied aspects of magnonics and examines how the study of the interplay between magnonic and electronic spin transport both shines a light on new physics, and opens doors to new technologies.


Spin Wave Spin Current Yttrium Iron Garnet Magnonic Crystal Brillouin Light Scattering 
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