Magnetic Dichroism Studies of Spintronic Structures

  • Wenqing Liu
  • Yongbing Xu
  • Sameh Hassan
  • Jill Weaver
  • Gerrit van der Laan
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The rise of spintronics has been closely linked with the development of instrumentation in nano-characterization over the past 20 years. The experimental side of spintronic research today has moved to a point where the paramount urgency is to use materials of the highest perfection and homogeneity as well as analysis tools with atomic sensitivity. Such criteria require usually exclusive techniques, dedicated equipment, and extreme physical conditions, such as ultrahigh vacuum, low temperatures, high fields, etc. This chapter presents some of the most advanced experimental tools, i.e., synchrotron-based magnetic dichroism techniques, which have facilitated the studies of many cutting-edge subjects of spintronics, such as the heterojunction interfacial magnetism, magnetic proximity effect, magnetism in diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMSs), doped topological insulators, half-metallic alloys, magnetic domain structures, and spin transfer torque (STT) effect.


Domain Wall Heusler Alloy Total Electron Yield Domain Wall Velocity Half Metal 
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List of Abbreviations


Body-centered cubic


Back-scattered electrons


Charge-coupled device


Current in plane


Current perpendicular to plane


Diluted magnetic semiconductor


Density of state


Dynamic random-access memory


Energy dispersive X-ray


Electron microscope


Field-effect transistor


Ferro- or ferrimagnetic material


Giant magnetoresistance


Hexagonal close packing


Half metal




Information technology


Left circularly polarized


Light emission diode




Magneto-optical Kerr effect


Magnetoresistive random-access memory




Right circularly polarized


Rare earth


Room temperature


Semiconductor or Spin Correction factor


Static random-access memory


Spin valve


Total electron yield


Total florescence yield


Time reversal symmetry


Ultrahigh vacuum


X-ray absorption spectroscopy


X-ray magnetic circular dichroism


X-ray photoemission electron microscopy


X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy


X-ray diffraction


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