MRAM Fundamentals and Devices

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This chapter covers the entire gamut of MRAM, from the fundamental physics of magnetism, magnetic materials used in MTJ elements, history of MRAM developments, and innovations which were keys to MRAM, to important designing points, MRAM scalability, and expected future evolutions of MRAM.

The chapter is expected to help engineers who are not familiar with MRAM to learn MRAM and develop a deeper understanding of its concepts, so that they can be more creative in their work. The chapter will also help researchers to make innovations for scalability and for memory hierarchy evolution with MRAM.


Magnetic Layer Memory Hierarchy Threshold Curve Phase Change Memory Design Node 
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List of Abbreviations


Anisotropic Magneto Resistance


Current Induced Magnetization Reversal


Error Correction Code


Ferroelectric RAM


Giant MagnetoResistance


Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory


Magnetic Tunnel Junction


Normally-Off Computing


Phase change RAM, also called PCRAM, PCM, or Ovonic Memory


Resistive RAM


Alternative term for STT-writing MRAM


Tunnel MagnetoResistance



I would like to thank all members of the Spin-RAM working group of the NEDO Spintronics Nonvolatile Devices project (2006–2010), which was organized by the collaboration of AIST, Toshiba, Tohoku University, Osaka University, and University of Electro-Communications, for their contributions to the development of Spin-RAM.


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