III–V Based Magnetic Semiconductors

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(Ga,Mn)As and related (III,Mn)V compounds are at the forefront of spintronics research exploring the synergy of ferromagnetism with the physics and the technology of semiconductors. Over the past 20 years, the research of (Ga,Mn)As has led to a deeper understanding of previously known spintronics phenomena, to discoveries of new effects, and to demonstrations of unprecedented functionalities of experimental spintronics devices with general applicability to a wide range of magnetic materials. In this chapter we review some of the basic structural, magnetic, electronic, and optical properties of the ferromagnetic (III,Mn)V semiconductors, as well as the devices fabricated from these model spintronics materials.


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Anisotropic magnetoresistance


Coulomb blockade


Density of states


Domain wall


Ferromagnetic resonance


Generalized gradient approximations


Giant magnetoresistance


Linear spin-Hall magnetoresistance


Low-temperature molecular-beam epitaxy


Magnetic random access memory


Optical spin–orbit torque


Optical spin–transfer torque


Single-electron transistor


Spin-Hall effect


Spin–orbit torque


Superconducting quantum interference device


Scanning tunneling microscopy


Spin–transfer torque


Tunneling anisotropic magnetoresistance


Tight-binding approximation


Tunneling magnetoresistance


Walker breakdown



This review is based on numerous helpful discussions with our colleagues. In particular we acknowledge discussions with Richard Campion, Tomasz Dietl, Kevin Edmonds, Andrew Ferguson,Tom Foxon, Bryan Gallagher, Allan MacDonald, Jan Mašek, Petr Němec, Vít Novák, Hideo Ohno, Kamil Olejník, Andrev Rushforth, Jairo Sinova, Karel Výborný, Dieter Weiss, Jorg Wunderlich, and Jan Zemen. We also acknowledge support from the ERC Advanced Grant No. 268066, from the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic Grant No. LM2011026, and from the Czech Science Foundation Grant No. 14-37427G


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