Hybrid Ferromagnetic/Ferroelectric Materials

  • Sebastiaan van DijkenEmail author
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Studies of coupled magnetic and ferroelectric phases have significantly intensified in the last decade, motivated by fundamental questions about ferroic order coexistence and their potential for nanoelectronics. Hybrid ferromagnetic/ferroelectric materials in which magnetoelectric interactions arise from charge modulation, exchange coupling, or strain transfer at composite interfaces are particularly promising because they allow for electric-field control of magnetism at temperatures that are compatible with practical device applications. In this chapter, recent developments in this field are reviewed, with emphasis on magnetoelectric coupling in thin-film heterostructures, ferromagnetic/ferroelectric domain interactions, and electronic transport in ferroelectric tunnel junctions.


Magnetic Anisotropy Exchange Bias Domain Pattern Ferroelectric Polarization Ferromagnetic Film 
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List of Abbreviations


Ferromagnetic resonance


Ferroelectric tunnel junction




Magnetoelectric random access memory


Magnetic random access memory


Magnetic tunnel junction


Photoemission electron microscopy


Piezoresponse force microscopy


Superconducting quantum interference device


Spin transfer torque


Tunneling electroresistance


Tunneling magnetoresistance


Vibrating sample magnetometry


X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy


X-ray magnetic circular dichroism



The author thanks Kévin Franke and Tuomas Lahtinen for their contribution to the figures and John Burton, Evgeny Tsymbal, Chang-Beom Eom, Marin Alexe, Vincent Garcia, and Manuel Bibes for providing data. Financial support from the European Research Council (ERC-2012-StG 307502-E-CONTROL) is gratefully acknowledged.


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