Heusler Compounds: Applications in Spintronics

  • Tanja GrafEmail author
  • Claudia Felser
  • Stuart S. P. Parkin
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The history of one of the most exciting material classes can be traced back to the year 1903 when Fritz Heusler discovered that an alloy with the composition Cu2MnAl behaves like a ferromagnet, although none of its constituent elements is magnetic by itself. This class of Heusler compounds offer a degree of flexibility which is lacking in binary and pseudobinary ferromagnetic alloys and such flexibility is absolutely necessary to tackle all the needs of optimized devices. Despite all these interesting properties of Heusler compounds, this chapter will focus on magnetic materials and their applications in the field of spintronics.


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The authors thank B. Balke, A. Beleanu, C. G. F. Blum, F. Casper, S. Chadov, G. H. Fecher, T. Gruhn, V. Jung, J. Kübler, V. Ksenofontov, S. Ouardi, T. D. Schladt, M. Schwall, J. Winterlik, and S. Wurmehl for providing data and for many fruitful discussions. Financial support by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Project TP 2.3-A in research unit FOR 1464 “ASPIMATT”) is gratefully acknowledged.


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