Magnetic/III-V Semiconductor Based Hybrid Structures

  • Yongbing XuEmail author
  • Johnny Wong
  • Wenqing Liu
  • Daxin Niu
  • Wen Zhang
  • Yongxiong Lu
  • Sameh Hassan
  • Yu Yan
  • Iain Will
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The first generation spintronics based on the giant magneto-resistance effect in the magnetic multilayers has already generated huge impact to the mass data storage industries. The second generation spintronics based on magnetic-semiconductor hybrid structures aims to develop new spin based devices such as spin transistors and spin logic, which will not just improve the existing capabilities of electronic transistors, but will have new functionalities. These spin devices have the potential to integrate both data storage and processing, enabling future computers to run faster and at the same time consume less power. One of the major challenges for the development of the second generation spintronics is the integration of the magnetic and semiconductor materials. In this chapter, we will present the growth, interface magnetism and magneto-transport of several important magnetic/semiconductor hybrid spintronic structures, in particular, with III-V semiconductors such as GaAs and InAs. The magnetic materials include both ferromagnetic metals, Fe, Co and Ni and half metallic magnetic oxides, where a large spin polarisation at the Fermi is expected. The chapter will also review the modified magnetic properties in the patterned single crystal dots due to either dipole interaction or intrinsic structure changes.


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List of Abbreviations


Atomic force microscopy


Antiphase boundary


Body centered cubic


Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor


Density function theory


Diluted magnetic semiconductor


Density of state


Energy dispersive X-ray


Electron microscope


Face centered cubic


Field effect transistor


Ferro- or ferri-magnetic material


Giant magnetoresistance


Hexagonal close packing


Half metals


Hybrid magnetic semiconductor


Information technology


Light emission diode


Low energy electron diffraction


Molecular beam epitaxy




Metal-organic chemical vapor deposition


Magneto-optical Kerr effect


Metal oxide semiconductor FET




Magnetic random access memory


Magnetic tunnel junction


Pulsed laser deposition


Quantum Hall effect


Quantum spin Hall effect


Quantum well


Magnetic random access memory


Reflection high energy electron diffraction




Room temperature




Secondary electron


Scanning electron microscope


Spin Hall effect


Superconducting quantum interference devices–vibrating sample magnetometer


Scanning tunneling microscopy




Transmission electron microscopy


Total electron yield


Total florescence yield


Topological insulator


Time reversal symmetry


Titanium sublimation pump


Ultrahigh vacuum


Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy


X-ray magnetic circular dichroism


X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy


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