Magnetic Nanoparticles and Granular Thin Films

  • X. J. Yao
  • W. ZhongEmail author
  • C. T. Au
  • Y. W. Du


Nanostructured materials are those with at least one dimension falling in the nanometer scale, such as nanoparticles (including quantum dots), nanorods, nanowires, thin films, and bulk materials made of nanoscale building blocks or consist of nanoscale structures. The properties of nanostructured materials are so different from those of the bulk counterparts, especially in terms of magnetism. In this chapter, we will introduce some representative magnetic nanoparticles and granular thin films that are important in spintronics.


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List of Abbreviations


Giant magnetoresistance


Low-field MR




Multiwalled carbon nanotube


Organic semiconductors


Tunneling magnetoresistance


Thermionic vacuum arc


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