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Adler, Max

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Max Adler, born January 15, 1873, in Vienna, Austria, studied law at the University of Vienna where he received his degree in 1896. Renowned as a Neo-Kantian Marxist, he was active in the Austrian Social Democratic party as both a politician and theoretician until his death in 1937.

Among the Austrian Marxists of his generation, Adler was the most astute in the philosophical movements of his time, evidenced from the onset of his significant publications, which began with Kausalitȁt und Teleologie im Streite um die Wissenschaft [Causality and Teleology in Conflict Over What is Science] published in 1904 as a monograph in the first Marx-Studien, a monograph series he co-edited with Rudolf Hilferding. Adler’s last publication Das Rȁtsel der Gesellschaft (Vienna, 1936) included in its contents, besides providing an exhaustive epistemology of Marxism that secured its meaning as a social scientific approach to society, capsule reviews of 22 contemporary philosophers,...

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