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Carbonates, Pedogenic (U-Series)

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Pedogenic carbonate: Secondary material consisting of authigenic carbonate and/or silica formed in the shallow vadose zone as part of soil development, typically in arid to semiarid climates.

Geochronological Significance

Pedogenic carbonate, if less than about 0.5 Myr old, dense, and relatively pure, is amenable to uranium-series dating. Such dates can provide useful estimates of the depositional age of the host rock and a time axis for paleoclimate proxy records contained in the carbonate itself.

Origin of Pedogenic Carbonate

Pedogenic carbonate (the term “carbonate” is used here for brevity, but silica is commonly also present either as a dispersed phase or in discrete layers) generally forms in regions with less than 750–1,000 mm annual precipitation, is common in a wide range of climates over more than half of the Earth’s land surface, and generally accumulates most markedly within soil profiles at depths of 0.3–2.0 m (Birkeland 1984). The primary sources of calcium...

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