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Microcontact Printing

  • Gauri Bhave
  • Ashwini Gopal
  • Kazunori Hoshino
  • John Xiaojing Zhang
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Microcontact printing is a method of transferring patterns of various materials such as polymers, proteins, nanoparticles, etc., onto another surface. Typically a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) stamp is dipped in a solution of a material that has to be patterned and is brought into contact with the surface. Transfer of micrometer (μm)/nanometer (nm)-size patterns is possible by this technique.

Overview of Microcontact Printing

Optical lithography is a fundamental step in microfabrication technology. Almost all integrated circuits are fabricated using a standard lithography process to achieve scalable manufacturing at low cost. However, this method has some shortcomings of compatibility issues, and it cannot be used for substrates that are not flat. Furthermore, the top-down lithography process cannot be easily integrated with labile biological systems because removal of photoresist from the polymers or...


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