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Nano-Optomechanical Systems (NOMS)

  • Huan Li
  • Mo Li
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Nano- and micro-optomechanical systems (NOMS and MOMS) are nanoscale and microscale mechanical devices that are driven by optical forces and sensed with optical detection methods.

Chemical and Physical Principles

Light can generate forces on matter. The nature of these forces is electromagnetic force, or Lorentz force. Fundamentally they originate from the forces exerted on the charges (electrons and nuclei) that constitute the matter by the electric and magnetic fields in light. The optical forces are generally considered too weak to have any significance at macroscale. However, the emergence and rapid progress of nanotechnology provided an unprecedented platform where the very feeble optical forces can play significant roles and lead to various optomechanical phenomena. On the one hand, nanoscale structures can be engineered to tightly confine light near or below...


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