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Nanostructures and Characteristics of Carbon Nanofibers

  • Anupama B. Kaul
  • Jaesung Lee
  • Philip Feng
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Research on nanocarbons has been at the forefront over the past several decades and has unarguably contributed tremendously to the birth of the field of nanotechnology. These efforts include providing insights into the novel properties of carbon nanomaterials, development of large-area, wafer-scale synthesis techniques, design of new characterization tools for understanding the role of imperfections in these materials, and the development of processing methods to integrate these materials into novel device architectures. In particular, in the context of applications of interest to the electronics industry, carbon nanomaterials have been proposed as viable alternatives to traditional materials used in Si integrated-circuits (ICs), which includes their exploration in nanoscale transistors [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], interconnects [7, 8], field-emission displays [9], biosensors [10], heat-transporting assemblies [11], thermo-electric [12], photo-voltaic [13], and optical materials [14...


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