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Nonlinear and Parametric NEMS Resonators

  • Rassul Karabalin
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Nonlinear NEMS resonators are nanoelectromechanical system resonators that operate at excitation levels exceeding their linear range. Parametric NEMS resonators are NEMS resonators that are actuated parametrically, i.e., by means of modulating a system parameter at a rate proportional to the resonance frequency.

Introduction: Nonlinearity in NEMS

One of the astonishing examples of miniaturization in recent decades involves the development of micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS) – tiny moving structures with the sizes down to few atoms across [1]. An important subclass of already diverse field of MEMS and NEMS involves resonant electromechanical systems, which have already shown an unprecedented performance in their ability to sense important physical parameters, probe or manipulate the surfaces of materials, and...


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