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Nonlinear Parametric MEMS

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Nonlinear MEMS resonators excited by parametric excitation so its effective impedance is periodically modified by time-varying drive parameters

Background, Benefits, and Applications

In the rich context of physical and engineering disciplines, the first decade of systematic study on the nonlinear problems and parametrically excited systems dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, with the work of Mathieu [1], Rayleigh [2], Stoker [3], and Nayfeh [4] as important landmarks. Owing to the use of a considerable amount of exemplary nonlinear problems, the forerunners provided intuitive concepts, such as self-excited systems, forced oscillations, parametric pump, and nonlinear restoring force, and backed them up with rigorous theorems. Recent work on the parametric resonance, especially in the context of resonant microelectromechanical systems (MEMSs), investigates the utility and advantage of exploiting parametric...

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