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Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology

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Physics in Laser Near-Field Nanomanufacturing: Fundamental Understanding and Novel Probing

  • Shen XuAffiliated withDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University
  • , Lijun ZhangAffiliated withDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Ocean University
  • , Yanan YueAffiliated withSchool of Power and Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan University
  • , Xinwei WangAffiliated withDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University Email author 


Laser-assisted tip-based heating and fabrication; Laser-assisted tip–substrate interaction; Near-field focusing and heating

Definition of the Subject

Laser near-field nanomanufacturing is manufacturing nanoscaled materials and complex structures at the nanoscale by means of phase change/explosion with the near-field focused laser beam, whose spot size is usually smaller than its wavelength.


Nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing involve manufacturing of materials, structures, devices, and systems down to the nanoscale. There are two basic categories of fabrication, top-down and bottom-up or self-assembly processes, containing a growing number of chemical and physical techniques, such as chemical methods, chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, atomic layer epitaxy, lithography, self-assembly, and countless newly developed techniques. Among those methods, laser-assisted nanomanufacturing plays an important role due to its highly coherent feature. To achieve a ...

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