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Bujagh National Park (Islamic Republic of Iran)

  • Sadegh Sadeghi ZadeganAffiliated withOrnithological Unit, Wildlife Beauru Department of Environment Email author 


Bujagh National Park (3,177 ha) is located in the South Caspian lowlands and encompasses both the largest delta in the South Caspian region (the Sefid Rud river delta – 1,350 ha) and one of the oldest lagoons in Gilan Province (Bandar Kiashahr Lagoon). Historically, fishing has been the common activity in the area. Villages are adjacent to the national park and some farmland lies within its boundary. The site is important as spawning and nursery grounds for fishes and as breeding, staging, and wintering areas for a wide variety of waterfowl. The coastal national park hosts more than 100,000 migratory waterbirds annually and is considered to be a potential secure release and wintering site for the Siberian crane , which traditionally has used Fereydoon Kenar, a short distance to the east


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