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History of Science, Assessing Knowledge of

  • Norman G. Lederman
  • Renee Schwartz
  • Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
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History of Science in Precollege Science Education

History of science (HOS) has long been advocated as a significant curriculum and an instructional emphasis in science education (Conant 1948). Indeed, in the United States, HOS has been systematically integrated into precollege science textbooks and instructional materials since the 1950s, albeit under different modalities. Examples of such integration and contrasting modalities include the History of Science Cases for High Schools (HOSC) (Cooley and Klopfer 1963) and Project Physics Course (PPC) (Rutherford et al. 1970). A systematic curricular emphasis on HOS in precollege science education continued into the 1990s. For instance, the Benchmarks for Science Literacy and National Science Education Standards included specific, grade-band HOS learning outcomes under “historical perspectives” and “HOS” standards, respectively.

The National Science Education Standards (NRC 1996) HOS standards for grades 9–12 include:
  • “In history, diverse...


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