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Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the Nature of Science

  • Dawn Sutherland
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Cultural contexts; Knowledge; Science

Chalmers (1980) poses a fundamental question in the title of his book, What Is This Thing Called Science? Philosophers of science and science educators for decades have attempted to create one clear, all-encompassing definition of science. However, these two groups have rarely developed definitions on which they both agree. The complexity involved in establishing one agreed definition of science is in part due to the difference in the purpose of the definition. Philosophers look for a definition of science that will provide an accurate depiction of the process of science. This definition serves as a guideline to those in the pursuit of scientific inquiry, the scientist, and the production of new scientific knowledge. In other words, philosophers develop a functional definition of science.

On the other hand, science educators attempt to obtain a definition of science that will provide direction to those in the pursuit of learning already...


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