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Learning of Science

  • Cory BuxtonEmail author
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Cognitive; Cross-cultural; Discourse; Diversity; Identity; Learning; Place-based; Sociopolitical

The study of science learning from sociocultural perspectives has largely focused on the question of how students from culturally, socioeconomically, and linguistically diverse backgrounds can all be engaged in science learning in ways that allow students to make personal connections between their own lived experiences and core science content and practices. Researchers have addressed this question using a range of theoretical perspectives, including a cognitively based perspective, a cross-cultural perspective, a sociopolitical perspective, and other emergent perspectives. Proponents of these varied perspectives share the belief that connecting students’ cultural and linguistic experiences to the practices of science is central to students’ science learning; however, the specific approaches proposed to best achieve this goal differ.

Proponents of a cognitively based perspective...

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