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Science Communication

  • Susan Stocklmayer
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Science communication has been described as a process by which the scientific culture and its knowledge become incorporated into the common culture. This broad definition encompasses a variety of communication styles which may be envisaged as being distributed across a continuum. On this continuum, simple one-way communication of science is at one end, with many who term themselves science communicators engaged in one-way activity. Science journalism is in this category; it also includes informative articles in the press, screening a television documentary, placing science on the Internet, or presenting a new exhibition in a science center. There is clearly no expectation by the writers, designers, and producers that they will engage in two-way communication, but rather that they are transmittinginformation to whatever audience is willing to listen, play, read, or watch. One-way communication of science also promotes science careers and the need to improve the poor science...


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