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Mindfulness and Science Education

  • Malgorzata PowietrzynskaEmail author
  • Kenneth Tobin
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Heuristics; Interventions; Meditation; Mindfulness; Wellness

… it is my fervent aspiration that our culture will pay more attention to well-being, will include strategies to promote well-being with our educational curricula and within the healthcare arena, and will include well-being within our definitions of health. These changes would help to promote greater harmony and well-being of the planet. (Davidson 2013)

In the above quote, Richard Davidson, a leading scholar and one of the pioneers of contemplative neuroscience, echoes the wishes of a growing number of like-minded enthusiasts who call for the expansion of the goals of the twenty-first century education to include promotion of wellness and sustainability. After decades of seemingly nonstop curriculum reform, much of which has focused on the production of scientists and increasing participation in science-related professions, it is desirable to revamp the goals of science education to address wellness and...


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