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Physics Teacher Education

  • Pamela Mulhall
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Learning to teach; Pedagogy; Physics; Teacher education

Physics teacher education shares similar concerns to programs for preparing teachers of other science disciplines through its fundamental focus on student-centered teaching. However, there are important differences between physics and the other science disciplines, and these strongly influence the pedagogy of physics teacher education (Tiberghien et al. 1997, 1998).

How Physics Differs from Other Sciences

Physics is regarded as the most fundamental science. It has a reputation as being abstruse, difficult, and highly mathematical. It differs from the other science disciplines in a range of ways. For example, although common in biology, teleological explanations are unacceptable in physics because of their anthropomorphic connotations. Physics has relatively few theories and their predictive power is strong; by contrast biology has many theories but their predictive capacity is often lacking. Logic and parsimony are highly...


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