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Classroom Organization

  • Barrie Bennett
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Classroom management; Discipline; Effective teaching; Instructional repertoire; Learning environment; School culture

Since 1970, the journal Phi Delta Kappan has reported Gallup Poll results on US public perceptions of schools. Amongst other things, the poll identifies the biggest problems facing public schools; in 2010 and 2011, lack of funding for schools was number one with discipline and classroom control being second. Discipline and control has been number one or two for the last 42 years. Why is the issue of “discipline” so persistent? My guess is that we fail (collectively) to grasp the complexity of the teaching and learning process and the ways that more effective teachers encourage appropriate behavior and how they respond to students who behave inappropriately. The conundrum with effective teachers (science teachers included) is that they are often so smooth and seamless that we don’t notice what they do unless we are actually looking for it.

Teaching is one of the...


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