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Primary/Elementary School Science Curriculum Projects

  • Wynne Harlen
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The first projects to publish materials to support science education in the primary school (students aged 5–12) began in the 1960s. Since that time many hundreds of curriculum projects in primary school science have been developed in countries across the world. The ideas and materials produced in many of these projects can be traced to certain influential projects, which are the focus of discussion here. These key projects occurred in two main waves, the first ones beginning in the 1960s and the second about 25 years later.

Projects of the 1960s

In the USA three science projects for primary school students began working at the same time in the early 1960s. They differed in structure and were based on contrasting views of science and learning. The Elementary Science Study(ESS 1966) provided a range of activities that enabled students to work scientifically, based on the argument that children are by nature questioning and enjoy solving problems. The activities they described...


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