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Language and Learning Science

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Considerations of the roles of language in learning science are not restricted to some particular frameworks or ways of learning. Rather, these considerations encompass unlimited types of social interactions, in both online and offline environments, in formal and informal contexts, involving participants from those so young they are just beginning to learn to talk to those so mature they are the most expert in their field on the planet. Thus, the issue of language and learning science is a topic of investigation not only in science education but also in a wide range of areas including social studies, humanities, and science itself. There is a long and extensive literature focused on language and the learning of science and already many reviews of this work. These reviews have been written from a range of perspectives on the form of language involved (from the specifics of student understanding of particular words used in science to the ways modes of science-related...


  • Social Network Analysis
  • Learning Science
  • Science Classroom
  • Student Understanding
  • Scientific Text

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