Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy on Polymer Blends

  • Huajie Yin
  • Andreas Schönhals
Reference work entry


In this chapter broadband dielectric spectroscopy (BDS) is employed to polymeric blend systems. In its modern form BDS can cover an extraordinary broad frequency range from 10−4 to 1012 Hz. Therefore, molecular and collective dipolar fluctuations, charge transport, and polarization effects at inner phase boundaries can be investigated in detail including its temperature dependence. In the first part of the chapter, the theoretical basics of dielectric spectroscopy are briefly introduced covering both static and dynamic aspects. This section is followed by short description of the various experimental techniques to cover this broad frequency range. To provide the knowledge to understand the dielectric behavior of polymeric blend systems, the dielectric features of amorphous homopolymers are discussed in some detail. This concerns an introduction of the most important relaxation processes observed for these polymers (localized fluctuations, segmental dynamics related to the dynamic glass transition, chain relaxation), a brief introduction to the conductivity of disordered systems as well as polarization effects at phase boundaries. Theoretical models for each process are shortly discussed. In the last paragraph the dielectric behavior of polymer blends is reviewed where special attention is paid to binary systems for the sake of simplicity. In detail the dielectric behavior of binary miscible blends is described. The two most important experimental facts like the broadening of the dielectric relaxation spectra and the dynamic heterogeneity of the segmental dynamics are addressed in depth. Appropriate theoretical approaches like the temperature-driven concentration fluctuation model and the self-concentration idea are introduced.


Dipole Moment Polymer Blend Relaxation Function Thermally Stimulate Current Complex Dielectric Function 
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List of Important Symbols and Abbreviations


Shift factor



C1, C2

Parameters of the WLF equation


Dielectric displacement


Electric field strength


Activation energy, barrier heights




Relaxation rate at maximal loss, i = β, α, n


Preexponential factor, i = β, α, n


Volume fraction


Weight fraction

g, gintra

Dipolar correlation coefficients


Free energy of mixing


Reflection coefficient

I, J

Current, Current density


Boltzmann constant, kB = 1.380662 10−23 J K−1; kB = R/NA


Molecular weight, weight average


Avogadro number (NA = 6.022 1023 mol−1)


Gas constant R = 8.314 kJ mol−1


Configurational entropy


Mixing entropy

σ*, σ′, σ′

Complex conductivity, real and imaginary part




Vogel temperature, ideal glass transition temperature


Glass transition temperature

tan δ

Dielectric loss tangent

β, γ

Shape parameter of the HN function


Permittivity of vacuum (ε0 = 8.854 10−12 As V−1 m−1)

ε*, ε′, ε′

Complex dielectric function, real and imaginary part


Dielectric relaxation strength, i = β, α, n,


Monomeric friction coefficient


Correlation length


Flory/Huggins interaction parameter


Dipole moment


Angular frequency (ω = 2*π*f)


Relaxation time


Relaxation time of the HN function


Time constant for conduction


Poly(ethylene oxide)




Poly(methyl methacrylate)


Poly(propylene glycol)




Poly(vinyl acetate)


Poly(vinyl methylether)




Poly(vinyl chloride)


Voltage, different meanings

ZS*(ω); ZR*(ω)

Sample impedance; Reference impedance


Correlation function; Averaged quantities


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