Social Aspects of Global Change, Introduction

  • Deborah S. Rogers
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Part of the Handbook of Global Environmental Pollution book series (EGEP, volume 1)


It is not possible to address the drivers, impacts, or responses related to global environmental change without understanding the social dimensions. We are living in the Anthropocene: a time when the primary factors affecting the environment and causing change are human choices and activities. The impacts of global environmental change fall not only on the geosphere and ecosystems of the Earth but also on human societies. Virtually every possibility for responding to global environmental change – slowing, stopping, mitigating, reversing, or adapting – impinges on the social realm. Some of the most productive research on global environmental change, particularly studies which attempt to predict trajectories, impacts, and the consequences of possible responses, involves complex systems modeling – and human activities are a major part of such models. All meaningful policy options concerning global environmental change revolve around societal choices and their projected impacts.


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