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Anzali Mordab Complex (Islamic Republic of Iran)

  • Masoud Bagherzadeh Karimi
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Anzali Mordab Complex (Anzali wetland) located on the southwestern shore of the Caspian Sea, close to the city of Bandar-e-Anzali, is a good example of a natural wetland characteristic of the south Caspian lowlands. The 10 perennial flowing rivers draining the 3,610 km2 watershed flow into the 15,000 ha Anzali wetland that supports an extremely diverse flora and fauna. A Ramsar Site, the Anzali wetland is internationally important for migratory waterbirds and provides important ecosystem services including a commercial fishery. The site is listed on Ramsar’s Montreux Record requiring conservation action due to threats that include pollution from urban and agricultural waste water, spread of the exotic floating water-fern Azolla sp., sedimentation from upstream deforestation, and increased hunting pressure.


Caspian Sea Ramsar Site Phragmites australis Wetland complex Migratory waterbirds Pollution 


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