Cosmetic Surgery in Ancient India

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Cosmetic operations form a special corner in medicine – much in demand and yet often much maligned for being unnecessary or frivolous. This assumes a clear-cut division between a narcissistic desire for an improved appearance, the correction of a disfigurement or injury that altars appearance in an alarming way without altering physiologic function, and the real disability and danger caused by a disease. Whatever the clarity of the division, the demand persists and also reaches back into antiquity. The undisputed father of the field of cosmetic surgery is Suśruta, a surgeon, educator, and compiler who lived probably around the sixth to eighth century BCE, though his possible dates vary greatly from 1200 AD to well before 1000 BCE. No original texts of his great work, the Saṃhitā, exist today. It has been edited and revised throughout its history, the most significant contributions made by Nāgārjuna, who lived most probably in the second century BCE.

The Suśrutasaṃhitāis a remarkable...


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