Ghulām Ḥusain Jaunpūrī

  • S. M. Razaullah Ansari
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Abul Qāsim, alias Ghulām Ḥusain Karbalā’ī bin Fataḥ Muḥammad Jaunpūrī (1790–1862), was taught by his father and other contemporary mathematicians and astronomers. He was a court astronomer of the Rājah of Tikārī: Rāja Khān Bahādur Khān Nuṣsrat Jang, son of a Hindu Mahārāja Mitrajīt Singh and of a Muslim mother. Tikari is a town in South Bihar (24° 57 N, 84° 53 E), in India, where Ghulām Ḥusain carried out his astronomical observations, according to his own testimony. Later, he shifted to Banāras (modern Varanasi) and Murshidābād. Actually, he was appointed first Chief Justice (Ṣadr as-Ṣudūr) at the court of the Raja of Banāras and later served also Nawāb of Murshidābād. He died on his way to his hometown Jaunpūr, in Dā’ūdpūr city, in A.H.1279/A.D.1862.

Scientific Writings: Major Works

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    “On Problems of Astrolabe for Friendly Companions” (Anīs al–Aḥbāb fī Bayān Masāil Aṣturlāb)written in 1818. Its manuscripts are extant in KhB (Patna) with two copies. Ms.1063 is a copy of...


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