Leaf Spots

  • R. Kenneth Horst
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Leaf spots are the most prevalent of plant diseases, so common we seldom notice them, and rightly so, for if we should attempt to control all the miscellaneous leaf spots that appear in a small suburban garden in a single season, we would quickly go mad. A typical leaf spot is a rather definitely delimited necrotic lesion, often with a brown, sometimes white, center and a darker margin. When the spots are so numerous they grow together to form large dead areas, the disease becomes a blight, or perhaps a blotch, or scorch. Certain types of lesions are called anthracnose, spot anthracnose, blackspot. All of these have been segregated out in their different sections. What is left is a very large collection of names.


Leaf Spot Radiate Shield White Mold Blotch Disease Conidium Hyaline 
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