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Handbook of the Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics

pp 719-729

Business Contribution to Human Development from the Capabilities Approach Standpoint

  • Domingo García-MarzáAffiliated withFilosofía y Sociología, University Jaume I of Castellón Email author 


The necessary business contribution to human development is analyzed from the capabilities approach standpoint. The important, but rarely acknowledged, role of business ethics in development theories is explained, a role that can help us understand companies as institutional actors that must be accountable for their actions and aware of their responsibility for development.

The capabilities approach, in this case from an institutional level, is proposed for this role of the company as an agent of (in)justice, using a reformulation of Kant's principle of publicity applied to the company.


Civil society Moral resources Business responsibility Agents of justice Trust Transparency Capabilities approach Sen Principle of publicity Kant Ethics and institutional design