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Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research

pp 7281-7286

Yoga and the Quality of Life

  • Abbas RakhshaniAffiliated withYoga and Life Sciences, SVYASA University Email author 


Complementary alternative medicine; Meditation; Mind-body medicine


For millenniums, yoga has been used as a way of improving physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states of its partitioners in India. However, its impacts on health and quality of life have only recently started being explored in the West during the last few decades. To appreciate its potential effectiveness in improving the quality of life of mankind, one must have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of yogic science as well as the result of the recent scientific studies that have investigated its impact on the quality of life of patients suffering from different ailments.


Alexis Carrel, a renowned Nobel Prize winner, French surgeon, and biologist, once said: “The quality of life is more important than the life itself.” Most people agree with Carrel; however, in order to integrate his concept into modern medical care, we must change our entire approach f ...

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