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Wetland Management Planning, “Nieuwkoopse Plassen” (The Netherlands)

  • Martijn van Schie
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The “Nieuwkoopse plassen” area is situated in the western part of the Netherlands. This lowland peat bog is one of the most valuable of this type in the Netherlands but is threatened by isolation, environmental change, and nitrogen deposition. In the area 170ha of vegetations commonly referred to in the Natura 2000 network as H7140 “Transition mires an quacking bogs” occur. This article gives insight into the adaptations in management that targets bog orchid, crested wood fern, root vole and sedge warbler, and the quality of the transition mires and quaking bogs (peat moss reed-land).

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  1. 1.Natuurmonumenten, Woerdense VerlaatWoerdense VerlaatThe Netherlands

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