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Sustainable Fisheries Management Case Study (Africa)

  • Randall Brummett
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The inland fisheries of Africa are highly diverse, both in terms of species richness and endemism. There are over 3350 species of fish in Africa, approximately 20% of which are endemics within 92 “ecoregions”. Most African inland fisheries are small-scale and seasonal, and most fishers are also small-scale farmers. While reported total capture of fish from African inland waters has been rising steadily, there has been a decline in the trophic level of the species taken, indicating biological over-fishing and a reduction in the value of the catch. These trends are reflected by the steadily increasing number of fishers and reduction of CPUE. Serious and concerted effort is needed to correct the downward trajectory of these natural resource use systems for both environmental and social reasons.


CPUE Overfishing Trophic level 


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