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Anti-plane Surface Waves in Materials with Surface Energy

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Anti-plane motions localized near a boundary of a half-space; SH surface waves in solids with surface stresses


Surface wave is a wave whose amplitude decays exponentially with the distance from surface.

By anti-plane surface wave, we mean the surface wave when anti-shear is realized.


Surface energy and surface stresses play an important role for material behavior at the nanoscale; see, e.g., Duan et al. (2008), Wang et al. (2011), Javili et al. (2013), and Eremeyev (2016). In particular, they are responsible for size effect at the nanoscale as well as for significant changes in effective (apparent) properties of nanostructured materials. In addition, in materials with surface energy and surface stresses may even exist new phenomena which are absent within the classic continuum models. As an example of such phenomenon, one can consider propagation of anti-plane surface waves in media with surface stresses.

Following Eremeyev et al. (2016), we discuss...

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