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Membrane Emulsification in Phase Separation for Microcapsule Preparation

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Coacervation; Core shell particles

Microencapsulation is described as a process of enclosing micron-sized particles of solids or droplets of liquids or gasses in an inert shell, which isolates and protects them from the external environment. Microcapsules (particles size in the range between 3 and 800 μm) consist of an inner core (in which the active molecule is entrapped) and a shell that covers and protects the core. Different types of molecules like active pharmaceutical compounds, proteins, peptides, volatile oils, food materials, pigments, dyes, monomers, catalysts, pesticides, etc. can be encapsulated with different types of shell materials that in most cases are natural or synthetic polymers.

The majority of the methods achieved for the preparation of microcapsules are based on the preparation of an emulsified system, in the first step, and the formation of the shell, in a second step. The shell formation can be obtained (i) by precipitation or gelation of a polymer...

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