Encyclopedia of Membranes

Living Edition
| Editors: Enrico Drioli, Lidietta Giorno

Affinity Membranes for Adsorptive Separation Process

Living reference work entry
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-40872-4_1637-1

Affinity membrane (also called adsorptive membrane, membrane adsorber, or membrane chromatography) is a design using membrane for adsorptive separation. The traditional shape for adsorbents is particle. In batch process, particulate adsorbents need to be suspended uniformly in liquid bath by agitation for good contact with adsorbates. After adsorption, centrifugation/filtration/precipitation is required to separate solid particles from the liquid. On the other hand, particulate adsorbents are commonly packed in a column/vessel (so-called chromatography or packed bed) for flow operation, where various operational conditions (fixed bed, moving bed, fluidized bed, etc.) could be applied. However, pressure drop and intraparticle diffusion limitations usually restrict the separation effectiveness of large-scale chromatographic system. An advantageous alternative for adsorptive separation is to adopt porous membrane with suitable functionality (adsorptive membrane), which has exhibited...

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