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Arborescent Graft Polymers

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Dendrigraft polymers; Dendritic graft polymers


Arborescent polymers are graft polymers characterized by a dendritic (multilevel)-branched architecture, typically resulting from successive grafting reactions of linear chain segments on substrates having randomly distributed coupling sites.

Historical Background

The synthesis of graft polymers with a dendritic (multilevel)-branched architecture was first achieved in 1991, through successive cycles of substrate functionalization and anionic [1] or cationic [2] polymerization and grafting. These two generation-based approaches, while complementary in terms of their applicability to different monomers, share common features: The branched molecules are assembled from side chains of uniform size, and the branching density can be controlled by varying the substitution level of the substrate.

The random functionalization of a linear polymer substrate with coupling sites and its reaction with “living” polymer chains yield a...


  • Chain Segment
  • Graft Polymer
  • Anionic Addition Polymerization
  • Star Polymer
  • Cationic Polymerization

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