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Electron Transfer Flavoproteins

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Encyclopedia of Biophysics


Electron transferring flavoprotein; ETF


Canonical electron transfer flavoproteins (ETF) are heterodimeric proteins that function as electron shuttles between primary flavoprotein dehydrogenases and typically the membrane-bound respiratory chain enzyme Electron Transfer Flavoprotein Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (ETFQO). They are involved in mitochondrial fatty acid and amino acid catabolism and nitrogen fixation, the latter via electron transfer to an ETF: ferredoxin oxidoreductase (Toogood et al. 2007). A second group are the bifurcating ETF-flavoprotein dehydrogenase complexes, which couple NADH oxidation to both flavoprotein partner reduction (with subsequent exergonic substrate reduction) and endergonic ferredoxin reduction in two cycles (Garcia Costas et al. 2017).

Electron Transfer Flavoprotein Structural Diversity

ETFs across kingdoms interact with a variety of electron donors/acceptors, and can be divided roughly into five phylogenetic clusters (Garcia Costas...

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