Forensic Identification in the Australian Defence Force

  • Russell Lain


There are differences between Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) operations in the civilian, military and historical military settings. These relate to the danger to DVI workers of victim recovery in conflict zones as well as the difference in importance of the identifying weight of property and the contribution of informants to the process. The structure and operational approach of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) flyaway mortuary teams and the Unrecovered War Casualties-Army Unit (UWC-A) are briefly described. Three examples of UWC-A recoveries, which illustrate the elements of DVI peculiar to military activity, are described.


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The contributions of CMDR Matt Blenkin, SQNLDR Denise Donlon, SQNLDR Tony Lowe, and other personnel of UWC-A in preparation of this chapter are gratefully acknowledged.


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